Hortalius in a Nutshell

Open-world Exploration with a mystery to unravel

With huge diverse biomes to explore, Hortalius is similar to Subnautica in its narrative focus. Unravel the emergent storyline while surviving amid the challenges of the microscopic world. 

See the world from a new perspective

Macro-like, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids vistas, striking garden environments, huge critters, and the remnants of Project Hortalius await.

A shrunken urban explorer in an overgrown garden

While exploring an abandoned laboratory, the player is shrunk down to half an inch tall, transported to a neglected garden. Use parkour abilities to help navigate the environment while gathering supplies.

Build and craft your way to answers

Our deep progression and crafting system with improvised tools and gadgets that fuel further discoveries drive our investigative mystery.

Don’t starve. Don’t drown. Don’t get eaten alive.

Gather materials to build new bases, uncover hidden technology to make new gadgets, and don’t forget to feed and water yourself!

When raindrops are the size of caravans and spiders tower like elephants, there’s plenty of challenge to keeping on the path to survival in Hortalius.

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Brain and Nerd is an award winning indie developer studio that celebrates diversity, strong visual styles and innovative gameplay.

We are based in Northern Ireland, and have been making indie games since 2012.

Developed with the support of the Creative Europe MEDIA programme of the European Union